Global New Generation grant to improve your Income Generating Activity in environmental sustainability

Global New Generation is a consortium of organizations that promote education and information in art and culture, as fundamental forms of social integration among the youth and children.
Global New Generation Berlin and Global New Generation Kenya invite individuals and groups in environmental conservation Income Generating Activities (IGA) to apply for a scale up grant. The activity must be empowering to the individual or group while positively impacting their communities.
1. Background information
– Introduction of the applying organisation (one paragraph)
– Describe your existing project stating how it empowers you or your group and its contribution towards the conservation of the environment in your community in not more than 200 words (include photographic proof of your project, copies of book keeping and bank records of your IGA).
2. Problem statement (the issues within your community that contribute to environmental degradation. What does your existing project lack that you would wish to add through the support you are requesting for [not more than 200 words])
3. Project justification (Why your project is important to the conservation of the environment)
4. Overall goal of the proposed project (one sentence)
– Project outputs
– Project objectives (What do you wish to add to your project, to your empowerment and to the community that was not there before this grant [in bullet form])
5. Project implementation strategy and schedule (in a table, please give timelines to specific activities of the project including financial, progress and end of project reports)
6. Beneficiaries
– Who are the direct and indirect project beneficiaries and show how they will be impacted positively by the project proposed by you or your group?
7. Project Budget (Not more than Ksh 180,000)
8. M&E Framework
9. Project Reporting plan
10. Project Sustainability
- Explain how you plan to sustain the project.
Applications to be forwarded to Global New Generation Kenya through not later than 17th September 2014.

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Interview at TV in Germany

Global New Generation (GNG) at a current interview at THE COLLEGIUM Forum & Television Program Berlin .

( Sonja Prinz, Global New Generation, Ben Njogu, Tembo e.V.)

The organization is pursuing sponsorship to aid in meeting its objectives.
(Eleonor and EliJohn Kariuki)

Every step of the day is a move in the right direction, and a step closer to make the world a culturally integrated place as well as an informed civilization.

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Establishing an inventory of the Luo cultural elements in danger of disappearance

Global New Generation Kenya, now a member of the Cultural Network – Kenya begins the first phase of the Cultural Revival Sub – Project (Establishing an inventory of the Luo cultural elements in danger of disappearance) tomorrow through a mapping exercise that will assist in the proposal production and subsequent research exercise.

The mapping exercise of the research areas will provide vital information that informs the proposal of the facts about the population, socio-economic practices, mode of transport and general administrative structures of the areas to facilitate an efficient research.

Targeted county headquarters within the geographical area of Luo Nyanza will be; Kisumu, Homa Bay, Migori and Siaya Counties.

Overall Goal

To use indigenous cultural values to foster development, national social cohesion and lend the cultural values to the global family.


Project Objectives

  • Carryout a research to identify indigenous cultural values of the Luo in danger of disappearance.
  • Create an inventory of the Luo culture.

Project Activities

Project Preliminaries

  1. Fundraising
  2. Coordination with stakeholders
  3. Recruitment of support staff

Research area mapping

Research tools preparation

Research commencement

Analysis and documentation of findings

  1. Written material
  2.  Videos Cds
  3. Audio Cds

Monitoring and Evaluation

Research report

Implementation Strategy

To achieve this, we intend to come up with a team of individuals with a scholarly background in African Studies and communication among other relevant support staff.  The research will be qualitative with specific techniques such as participant observation, interviews with all actors including local authorities.

Currently Kisumu is on the verge of completing a cultural center, which would be an ideal center for showcasing the rich cultural artifacts and values availed by the research. Therefore in coordination with stakeholders (community and relevant government ministry/ies), the project should be able to meet the objectives.


  1. The local community
  2. The Kenyan community
  3. The global family
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John Njathi

John Njathi is a renowned visual artist in Kenya with vast experience in the field. He throws his weight behind motivating and nurturing young talent in the industry. As such he joins hands with Global New Generation Kenya (GNGK) as a platform through which the endeavor can be realized.

portrait copy

Through John, GNGK believes that it is an opportunity whereby children will exploit their talents and realize their dreams as well. John expects to use his expertise and experience that have seen him earn his livelihood over the years, to inspire the upcoming talents in Kenya.


He exhibited his work for commercial purposes in United Kingdom, and has charitably used his work to create awareness HIV/AIDS and other cross cutting issues. He has instructed young talents on part time basis in schools within Kenya, and therefore undoubtedly a model for many.


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Sonja Prinz visits Global New Generation Kenya

The last two weeks saw Global New Generation Kenya (GNGK) engagement with key stakeholders during the visit of Global New Generation’s (GNG) president, Sonja Prinz. She visited Kenya between 30th July and 12th August. In her itinerary, she visited the Golden Heart School to share with the school’s administration on areas of possible partnership and to cement the started association between GNGK with the school. She went to Eldoret to aid in the shooting of the first video of a song; “Kenya baba” done in collaboration with “Dirty Down Town L.A”, a Community Based Organization in Eldoret that focuses on community service through music.

Her visit was also an opportunity to obtain vital contacts which would catalyze GNGK works in Kenya. Meetings with media practitioners and music artists were held to establish how recognized talented individuals can be channeled to further exploit their talents. Meetings of such nature included meeting with Nancy, the presenter of Crossover Gospel show and Juliani, a renowned gospel artist.

In Nairobi, she led a delegation of GNGK to meet relevant officials of Institutions and government ministries inclined towards GNGK’s areas of operation. On 3rd August it was a visit to the French Cultural Center Nairobi; Alliance Francaise. The visit yielded possibilities of partnering with the institute amidst assurances from the cultural assistant that through early requests GNGK can use their theatre to showcase talents.  In an aim to establish and fill the gaps within the children affairs in Kenya, on 9th August, GNGK visited The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development – Department of Children’s Services. Through this endeavor GNGK hopes to partner with the government in the areas of art and culture.

To summarize the trip, GNGK met and discussed the production of Global New Generation Album with an upcoming artist;  Austine Ochieng Odhiambo, who will be part of the Global New Generation Sampler, and Franclin Otieno who is the producer. In the production plan is renowned gospel artist Betty Bayo.

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Golden Heart School

Global New Generations Kenya finds talent in The Golden Heart School in Nairobi, Kenya. The School serves underprivileged children from Nairobi’s Eastlands Estates.

Through the support of Global New Generation Kenya and other well-wishers the school is in a worthy process of producing thematic films that will be integral in nurturing a future moral society among Kenyan school children.

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Certificate of registration

The office of the vice president, Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture, officially approved of the authenticity of Global New Generation Kenya through the Director, NGOs’ Coordination Board by issuing the much awaited certificate of registration.

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With Global New Generation Kenya poised to open its doors in 2011, we paid the Kenya Music Week a visit at the Sarit Center Nairobi Kenya as part of our preliminary preparations. This was the 7th event since the inception of the initiative and it showcased the finest of East Africa’s expo on Arts and Music from different genre.
From our empiric perspective of the 4 day event that ended today, there is a lot of talent in the upcoming Kenyan artists mainly in children and youth. That talent is worth promoting and harnessing to add value to the community and the artist in terms of culture and contemporary trends.
On integration of culture, cultural folk music from different local ethnic backgrounds from the East Africa Community presented promise of a rich blend of diverse cultures. Promotion of culture and upcoming talent is key, and Global New Generation Kenya will exercise its mandated by supporting talent in this areas.

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Global New Generation Kenya starts operating in January 2011

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