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Overview of the work with the communities

Global New Generation in Africa collaborates first and foremost with schools in Africa, which have limited resources and schools supported by moderate contribution from parents and Governments. Irrespective of the level of education a school offers, GNGA shall work with Nursery, Primary and High schools colleges and Universities with an aim of targeting youth and children to enunciating certain societal concerns and how the youth can embrace a proactive position to be steadfast in the quest to subdue the underlying issues therein. Children on the other hand will exploit the Global New Generation Africa’s presented opportunities to form a concrete, informed and artistic foundation as bedrock to a firm future global society that coexists in social cohesion and multi-cultural tolerance.


The Initiative “New Generation” was created in January 2008 by the visual/ performing artist and mother, Sonja Prinz. In 2009, it became an NGO registered in Berlin. The start of New Generation was inspired by the rising racial, ethnic and cultural conflict in Germany. Because of the existing racial and cultural polarization, where confrontations of racism and prejudice is part of the children’s , youth’s  and even adult’s daily lives. One of the main objectives of New Generation is to raise multi-ethnic children as equal and respected members of the society in Germany and hence become ambassadors of impartiality globally. The foundation is for artistic youth to work with focus on music, dance and theater in an inter-cultural environment to foster racial, ethnic and multi-cultural tolerance


To promote education and information in art and culture, as fundamental forms of social integration among the youth and children.

Operating methods

Global New Generation Africa encompasses various consorted African organizations under the name New Generation with activities inspired and influenced by those of the New Generation Berlin.  The consortium operates using a common methodology, under the technical mandate in the area of youth and children, with respect to the different youth affliction dynamics depending on how they affect the different African member countries. Specifically New Generation Africa offers but not limited to, musical and social Workshops, plays and painting works as activities within visual and performing arts genres. The children engage in thematic plays which deal with subjects such as pollution, conditions of life in Africa and abroad, as well as educational promotion of health awareness on cross-cutting issues like HIV/AIDS.

In the context of the workshops, the children and the youth acquire basic knowledge of global diverse cultures and traditions in an attempt to psychologically integrate with their own. Moreover, as the Global New Generation Africa presents an international network, the children will be able to participate in pupils exchange travel with pupils from other countries in Africa, Europe and America. As far as local authorities permit, the children will be familiarized with Internet, to be able to socialize and network with other children on the homepage of New Generation worldwide and to document their personal experiences.


To serve as a national forum or platform for parents, charity homes and education institutions in Kenya, to foster their education as well as extra-curriculum activities towards bridging various social      gaps in our society in a more practical, easy-to-understand modules such as through drama, theatre actions and even topical music.

To organize intercultural events and travel exchange between Kenya and other countries for youths of various multicultural backgrounds.

To promote the general local, national and international understanding of the myriad multicultural orientations among children and the youth from various sections of our society through creative artistical ventures.

To carry out public awareness programs such as seminars, lectures or fora, so as to educate the public, policy makers, implementers and the general public about the vital linkages between arts and culture, education and development.

To support, promote and facilitate the empowerment of affiliated partners in order to enable them realize their full potential as vital organs for dissemination of information through cultural    accommodation and issue- oriented artistic presentations across the country, and beyond.

To assist in production and development of materials to be used in contemporary arts and culture   training and research programs among the youth and children.

To attract, bring together and develop organization and individuals who spearhead the inclusion of arts and culture in public education programmes targeting the youth, children, and parents.

To publish, issue and circulate any reports or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets or other documents on education, information and arts and culture issues as  may be necessary or be desired for the furtherance of the organization’s goals.


The Global New Generation African Organizations can only limit their programs to funds available. As the activities and principles are borrowed from the ideals of the New Generation Berlin’s procedures of operations in terms of funds acquisition as well as program mandate, New Generation Berlin will play a major role in marketing through its website, the interests, and the achieved objectives of the Global New Generation African Organizations. By the virtue of autonomy, the consorted African organizations reserve the prerogative of soliciting funds for their own projects whether through solicited, non solicited proposals or other authentic means of fund raising, provided that copies of any such transactions are shared will all consortium members through dissemination in soft copy or by any means possible.

If a GNG has just set up, it can use the musical repertoire and experience of other GNGA organizations by accessing available music and scripts of the other organizations. Homepages and repertoire are coordinated by the New Generation Berlin.

Every new founded GNG shall be committed and will consent to the harmonized regulations of all New Generations and to present every intended and realized project, including the documents of account to the headquarters- New Generation Berlin.

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